Cpu with 4 threads can I make 2 plots?

i5 processor with 2 core and 4 threads, assuming that I have the necessary ram can I make 2 plots in parallel?
I read that in the 3 and 4 fases the processor is less used.
Or there is the risk that windows crash?

what storage are you using?

Do 1 plot check how long it takes to pass 34% then calculate for second plot time ie 150 mins. Parallel using delayed time is best

for the plotting external nvme m.2 500GB via usb 3.0

Sorry I didn’t understand this can you explaine me please

Aa you mentioned the later phases use less recourses. The longest phase is at 32%, when I used to plot I use my plotting logs to calculate best time to start my other plots… when you select parallel plotting there’s a delayed time option if you do this you won’t use up all the pc recourses when parallel at the same time your recourses are maxed out. There are better explanations on the forum if you didn’t understand me.

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I unnderstand now thank you.
Pratically I should start the second plot in the moment with less use of the processor calculating the time of my fases