Create Plots on another PC-Location via Network?

So i have all my Harddrives connected to my farming pc which is very energy efficient.
Can i create Plots on my Plotting PC with the MadMaxPlotter and Create the Plots Right on the Harddrive on my other computer via Network somehow?
Maybe someone can help me.
Also another question…
Do I have to be sync to the Chia Network with my Plotting PC to create Plots with the MadMax Plotter, or doesn’t it matter?

Thanks and Greetings

  • XCHeisenberg

No need, just input the correct farmer and pool address and it’s fine. You don’t even need to install anything of chia.

You can set a network drive as destination drive for the plotting, but you need to map it as a network drive first so the plotter has access to it.
Problem might be the copy speed a 1Gbps network will probably only get 80-100 MB/s transfer so copy will be a bit slow.

Personally I prefer to just plot a harddrive and move it over to the farmer later but it depends on your plotting speed and network transfer speed how it will work out.

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Ok nice so i defiantly can Plot on my Plotting pc‘s without being sync to the network?
That’s sick!!
For the problem with the transferspeeds I may create the Plots on a SSD and maybe I Can setup a script so the Plots which are on the internal SSD of the Plot PC automatically transfer to the HDD of the farming pc…
Would be sick so if my HDD has let’s say 50 Plots on it but still is connected to the Plotting pc, could already farm on the farming pc if you know what I mean? :slight_smile:
But it’s already a big good news for me that I can Plot my Plots without being synced to the network :slight_smile:

Yes you can set a local cheap SSD on the plotting PC as a destination for the plots, and a script that constantly checks for new files on that SSD and once one is found it will just rsync it to the other computer. Also, nothing prevents you from farming on the plotting pc as well until the hard drive is full. Then you just move the hard drive to the energy efficient PC. Is there any reason you don’t want to have the plotting PC synced?

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You might try what I’ve done. I have my Farmer PC of course w/lots of drives already plotted. But when I get a couple new drives, I put them in my Plotting PC (better/faster plotter), then have those drives mapped on my farmer (1Gb network > soon to 2.5Gb). There seems only occasional delays (as shown in the log) in looking for proofs across the network to them. I think those little delays only happen when the final plot is being copied to the HDs and it gets a bit busy on the plotter.

When full, I move them to the farmer. It’s simple, it works, so why not?


I can confirm that that does actually work. Had two PCs and didn’t bother to run flax and chaingreen nodes on the second one, so I just mounted the drives of the second PC on the first one using sshfs.

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Sounds good!
But can I easily map the drive on my farmer and select this drive as a Plot Directory?
Is it that simple?

I don’t have enough drives to always keep my Plotting pc synced, that’s why I wanted to know if my Plotting pc has to be synced to create the plots :grimacing:

You can still have a plotter non-synced and run a harvester on it. Use this hdd as destination for plots and harvest them at the same time, until the drive is full. Then move the full drive to farmer machine.
As far as chia software is concerned, you don’t ever need to run GUI on the plotter.

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What do you mean? You can be synced and have 0 plots

Yes, it is that simple.

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Running harvester only doesn’t need to be synced. You can point it at the existing full node on the LAN.

Thanks for all the help guys!
I managed to Map the Plotting Drive from my Plotting PC to my Farming PC and I can farm from this Disk now, while I’m creating Plots on the same Disk!
Thanks for all the help!

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