Create pool plot on standalone ubuntu server


I’m trying to create a pool plot (NFT?) on a standalone Ubuntu server machine running Chia 1.2.3 using chia plots create

I’m confused what variables i have to enter, and what function they serve?
-c [pool contract address]
-f [farmer public key]
-p [pool public key]

Many thanks.

The new plotter is not synced or initialised, i just want to create plots/


You might want to read this first:


But in short:

-c [pool contract address] This is what attaches a plot to an NFT. The NFT can then be pointed towards a pool, so that all plots created with that [pool contract address] will be farming on that pool. You can change pools when you want, only the NFT changes on the blockchain, not the properties of the plots.

-f [farmer public key] unique key that identifies plots as belonging to your private key.

  • p [pool public key] don’t use this together with -c !! This is only for old style plots before the pool protocol was launched.

So, -f and -c are needed to create a NFT plot

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TY, ill have a read through those.

From the GUI i can see [Pool Public Key], thats not the same as [Pool Contract Address] which looks like i can get from an existing pool NFT.

Also [Private Key] and [Seed] but they’re not to be shared.

Im guessing [Public Key] is for old style plots too.

You can see your public (farmer) key in the GUI on the keys tab, just click on the “see private key” (eye) button and it will show you all the public keys as well.

yes hover over the question mark next to the NFT name and it will show the contract address for that NFT.