Created Plot NFT, but new payout address?

Hi there. I used to hang (or lurk) in the forums a lot pre-pool plotting, but recently, I decided to belatedly make some pool plots and I may have some belated questions.

So I read the instructions and using the GUI, I “added a plot NFT”, which created a new “Payout Address” (on the Pool page of the GUI), which is the same as the “Receive Address” (on the Wallets page).

But the Payout/Receive Address is different from the Receive Address I’ve previously used for OG plotting, before I added a plot NFT.

Is the prior Receive Address now replaced by the new Receive address? Or are both addresses concurrently used, with the old Receive Address for OG plots and the new Receive address for Pool plots?

FYI, I am farming using both OG plots and Pool plots (self-farming) on a single PC. No separate harvester. Just using separate PCs dedicated for plotting.


This. Kind of.

I have OG plots, they continue to pay out to my original address.

My .25 from pooling reward also goes to my original address.

( those 2 are both changeable if you wish )

My 1.75 reward if self pooling goes to the nft and sits there until I claim it from the nft, that goes to my new address that was created when I formed the nft.

( I guess thats probably changeable, but not positive as I nvr tried )