Creating up to 4 plots a day, wanna sell

I am creating 2-4 plots a day, I have 5 “in stock” i want to sell them all for another crypto, i prefer LTC or DOGE, $1 a plot. Let me know if you are insterested I have 300Mbit upload so transfer should be with ok speeds.

Are you sure you know what you’re doing? How can you have plots “in stock”

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2 to 4 a day… your kidding right…

Can pay you $20 per plot. PayPal.

yep, would sell private key with those, ofc (i know thats not that lucrative)

only crypto, paypal is full of scammers, add to it, they offer 20x more than i want and it stinks of scam on miles

no, I am home plotter looking to make quick low buck, nothing more

no no no. you might have good attentions but no… anyone buying your plots will risk you hijacking those plots. paying with crypto means there’s a higher risk you bail i mean this is all wrong. just my thought.

if your going to sell on the side create new plots with their public keys

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I know this, thats why I offer reasonably low price and ofc creating plots with others keys, that goes for new plots only tho, in meantime i am plotting with keys i have, because why not… Someone will maybe risk it and if not, I lost nothing…

but thanks for input…