fully supports XCH


Still binance…^^
not yet listed on here: Cours du Chia (XCH), Graphiques, Capitalisation | CoinMarketCap

Proof positive how dead it is around here. Nobody even cares anymore. This news would have been huge a little while ago.

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I tried transferring some XCH to and it has not shown up in my account. I have a support ticket open, but 48hrs after the transfer, and 36hrs after raising a support ticket, I am starting to get worried.
Anyone else had any experience with these guys?

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Oh yes, no moderation and no one to get the trolls out. The forum will be offline in a few months probably as per sargonas.

Are you insinuating I am a troll? I have merely advised an issue I have had and asked if this has been repeated. Unsure how this can be seen as Trolling.

No, I was replying to the person before you.

holy crap man… i’m going through the same thing right now… transferred it last night, nothing still 16 hours later. Did you get yours resolved?

Still waiting for a reply.

Nothing solid, but the rumor on Reddit was the same experience: hard to move on and off the platform. Could be technical, could be liquidity… speculation is all we’ve got.

I really don’t know why you still want to spread misinformation, You were told that nobody is going to spend legal money to resolve the issues you’re coming up with. Soon you will become somebody’s project. Now go and learn something productive.

If anyone else has issues, please go to and search for the address you sent the XCH to. You should see a TXN Hash. Please post that here and I will add it to the support ticket I have and try to get more traction.

Just give them time.
Dont confuse them by sending other peoples txns.
Thats a nightmare waiting to happen.
Exchanges take time. Wait.

It isn’t misinformation, see direct link to the Discord answer I got here :

Also I reported you for your reply (harassement).

I read what he said I just guess you didn’t under stand what he said.

And you don’t seem to understand what harassement means, but that sounds like a you problem.

you need to see psychiatrist and if you’re roger you should not then just calm down man. YOU the one who destroying this forum. not the only one, but you sure become a main character lately.

Thank you for your concern. Received Order Given, Expect Results : I reported you as well :slight_smile:

:man_facepalming: ok have fun pitty person