Crypto Freebies

It’s a nightmare to weed through cryptocurrency airdrops/freebies and so on (we all do it) that are legit , so why not share together a topic of freebies.

I would suggest to not post referral links, just where you found the freebie and what actions have to be taken. If anyone if interested and would like a referral link or referrer code feel free to PM the person that posted the offer in this thread.

So lets make a kind of format how to post one that ‘seems’ legit (note users can reply to it legit or not, fake etc)

  • Title/Name of Site/offer
  • What they offer
  • And how to

So lets start with one

Ziglu offers a 10 GBP Freebie in BTC

What is Ziglu ?

Ziglu is an UK (FCA regulated corp) app that lets you buy and sell Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, and more.

The Catch

All you have to do is sign up from an invite link , deposit £1 from your bank account, use it to spend £1 on a cryptocurrency of your choice and you will get £10 awarded into your account.

Now this sounds fancy and scary but the best part of all, you can withdraw this into your bank account.

How to …

Once your referral credit has hit your Ziglu account you can easily withdraw it using the Zigly app.

Click the green button for transfers and follow instructions

Click bank account , add your bank account details and send , simply as … they seem to use SEPA transfers so it’s pretty fast to see that freebie on your bank account.

More Company info

Ziglu Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (No. 09204810)
1 Poultry, London EC2R 8EJ. Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (Firm Reference No. 900977).

And the link ?

Sadly I’m not an UK citizen so I can’t do this offer but plenty of friends of mine have, if anyone has an invite link just post you can share one. And as far as I know UK only …

Now this is an example of what we can do with this thread, and the above offer is a valid one, there have been months I made over $750 from certain freebies crypto related so I do like hunting them as they all require minimal effort.

And hey those freebies could be used to expand your CHIA farm or buy XCH :stuck_out_tongue:

A scammer, telling you how to cheat people. All posts are your heit and deception. I propose to ban this slap

The OP (@md-chia) is an established member and prolific contributor on this forum. Not likely a scammer.