CryptoCrests - The admirable Collection

This is the Collection on mintgarden:

And those all current offerings:

Original Post:
So, I found this NFT Topic and decided to split it from my original topic “fully backed crypto etf”.
the goal is to make an identifiable symbol which could be used as a logo, as a family crest, as clan identifier or simmilar.

I will post some pictures of the progress and collections here. Feel free to post topic requests. It has to be in the real of crests (german wappen ) though.

I also have some more tuned down and classical crests, but for a starter, lets popp something which im proud on and to get interest going!

Without further ado!
Welcome to Heaven and Hell!

Id be happy about some advice. Is it smarter to make a big collection at once or to drop small sets of 3-10 images at a time? Maybe weekly


I totally can’t follow. What is this about? What does function does it serve ? … can u explain for a dummie?

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I can process your coat of arms in a mosaic. I’ll send you a sample of work today)

I believe that the chia ecosystem lacks adoption and needs more projects onboard.
I am currently in the process to develop new smartcoins on the chia Blockchain such as a fully backed ETF and a Stable coin. More might come in the future bu thats what I focus on for now.

In order to get these assets officially registered, I need a lot of funds under my management.
I decided to work on an nft Project in order to fund my Development and for you to show your support if you wish to. If you want to learn more about this project, you can follow the Fully backed Crypto ETP Project - #25 by KryptoMine thread.

If you want to get a sneak preview of the NFT Collection, You can have a look at
I have uploaded some samples there but the webpage is still subject to change and II will include some more information about the collection in the future.

As for the launch, I decided to launch one subset of the collection every friday (tomorrow)
Each subset consists of 5-10 Images with a given topic. For example: Coat of arms with stripes, medieval coat of arms, with neon lights or the topicr hell and heaven from above.

This Weeks Topic will be “Skeleton king” and is sheduled for friday-sunday.
The first subset will be given away for free.
Dont expect the drop to run smooth, Im just ironing out the process.
As of right now, it takes multiple hours to mint a single NFT as my fee setting does not get applied with rpc. If you are an NFT creator yourself, Id be glad for a pm for help.

here is a small sneak peak about the upcominv drop set:

got the fees settled. will open the airdrop tomorrow for registering. will only be a short one. 3 Days.

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seems like downscaled and color palette compressed.


I tried to register my airdrop but somehow, the page wont work properly i think :confused:
Its the first subset of cryptocrests. You can attend by posting a tweet, mentioning the Webpage and the collection page

If the Airdrop shouldnt work, just send me a PM with the link to your tweet and xch receive address.
registration is open until Friday 11th. Winners will be selected at random.

Germanic Majesties
This is the first purchasable subset. The Crests are relatively plain and the entry price is relatively small.

That might be a weird way to post the offerings. If someone has a better solution, im open for it
Right now the collection id properly displayed on mintgarden and dexie.

Happy to announce that the bug on could be resolved and the images are verifiable there again Offers are available there as well now.

Also, I have been able to submit an air drop now so you can expect it to open soon.

Air Drop is now Open for Entry!

Join here and claim your Skeleton King crest for free:

(the page is relatively slow, give it some time to load)

Templars Order is out!
Unfortunately, 8 of the crests are still stuck in a transaction… I could add offer for #2. The others will follow tomorrow (or when the transactions are complete)

note: the air drop is finished soon :wink: will send the NFT’s out tomorrow

SkeletonKings are out! the winners where:


Potions of Love is Out!
You can check out the collection on Dexie and others