Current points balance vs Points found since start

Guys do each Points from Points found since start will always be add into current points balance?? or there is still a filter that will “eliminate” some of points from “Points found since start” ???

What requirement to have points adding into “Current points balance” or “Points found since start” ???

“Current points balance” means, when your plot found proof you will get point and it will be reset to 0 when pool making a payout.
Meanwhile, “Points found since start” means, your accumulated “current points balance” since start farming in pool and will not reset to 0 until you stop farming.

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Points found since start (of the Chia farmer on a machine) sometimes do not make it into “Current points balance” because the pool might reject some of the sent proofs. Most common reasons for rejection of a proof by a pool:

  • Too late: the pool received the proof after a timeout. It can for example happen if the HDD containing the Chia plots is under pressure.
  • Double signage point
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I am not reset farming or close GUI but every day some times two day my all points come to 0 even Points found since start why ?
Just I have two system one plotting one farming and system plot I already disable upnp