Database of Useful Tools and Scripts: Share what you use!

Let’s consolidate the various tools and scripts we use. I love seeing the tools and scripts people are making pop up on Github and elsewhere.


  • Tool Name
  • 1 sentence description>
  • URL (or code block if short, use Github or pastebin for longer)
    Then add --- underneath to make a separator line if you have multiple things to share

I’ll start:

What do you use/know about?


I pinned this for us, great thread idea!

Should add this:

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The most comprehensive list is probably at Tools - ChiaLinks - Chia Cryptocurrency Resources


Bam, excellent site. I forgot about this one.

another one.

I’m using chia monitor script, if i win a chia, i get a pushbullet notification.

Don’t tell anyone but, i did not get any notification yet :slight_smile:


This looks really really nice:

I’ll give it a shot this evening


I currently use my plotman inspired PowerShell Module to manage plotting on Windows.


This one is interesting, so it’s got auto free space checker on final drives? That’s a winner for me since i’m away from the rig 2 weeks at a time.

Depends on what you define as “final drive”. If it considered as the destination drive in chia terms: Yes, it always picks the destination drive with most free space. If theres none available to hold a plot it aborts. When you define “final drives” as in plotman considered “archive locations” (final farmer drives on remote machine) the “Move-PlotoPlots” function does NOT check free space for remote drives when transferring with BITS.

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I installed powershell on my PI (yes it’s possible) as I had forgotten all my Unix skills.

Just found out about this tool: GitHub - stolk/chiaharvestgraph: Graphs the activity of a chia harvester in a linux terminal.

Linux only graphical overview of your farm. I run Ubuntu headless so not useful for me.

I am using BareTail (Windows) - Bare Metal Software > BareTail - Free tail for Windows

You can set up highlighting on the debug.log, it automatically updates as new lines appear.

You can setup highlights like - “Cannot connect”, which shows up in red and tells you if the farmer isn’t communicating correctly.


finally found a what seems like a nice web gui all inclusive standard with already
-chia dog
-editable .configs in gui
-fully docker solution

looks good to me but im no dev. if someone more intelligent could take a look id appreciate the heads up :+1:

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Seconding Machinaris; I run it on my UnRAID and it’s rad. I also have a Rock Pi which I’ve set up to boot to a 2TB NVME for a totally self-contained little chia farm in a brick! I used systemd to keep the chia daemon running; maybe someone else will find this unit file helpful?

chia@rockpi-4b:~/chia-blockchain$ cat /etc/systemd/system/chia.service

Description=Chia blockchain service


# venv/bin must be in the PATH b/c the scripts expect to be able to call chia_harvester on cli
ExecStart=/usr/bin/env chia start -r farmer wallet
ExecStop=/usr/bin/env chia stop all -d