DB torrents? 15 charecters

Anyone think about setting up DB torrents? Or is torrents just not a thing anymore?

I understand its a moving target, But if I new torrent was posted once a week at least people have a chance of downloading the DB. I briefly looked into it, See if there is a way to automate making a zip of the DB and then posting it for seeding. I already have the auto zip part for backing up the DB’s. Just dont know the posting part.

There is one, just need to search forum to find it.

Here’s the site I use - has up-to-date db’s for most forks as well: https://chiaforksblockchain.com/

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Ya, I’ve used that site. Unfortunately have received several db’s corrupt and you can tell they barely have any bandwidth yet. Takes 30-60 seconds for the site to even display.

Check this site out: