Deal with CPU temp in Chia Plotting Rig

Can someone give some advice to cool down my CPU ?, i7 4790K is getting about 85 to 100 degree celcius, almost always thermal throttling, with 2 plots in parallel (each used 4 threads)

Buy a better cooler :rofl:

But no, that seems way too hot for just running 2 plots. Are you using the stock cooler? cause those are quite bad.

I would look into updating the bios, this can help as sometimes motherboards give wrong readings.
Other thing would be to reseat the cooler to make sure the contact with the cpu is good and maybe put some new thermal paste on it. If it is an older cpu then maybe the cooler has been there for a while and the thermal paste lost it’s effectiveness.

Good airflow in a case also helps a ton. If no options for extra casefans, just leave the side panel off or something like that

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Yes… Stock CPU Fan, also I wasn’t change CPU paste for 6 month use before… 24/7 non stop (ETH Mining), Ok… Updating BIOS also maybe a solution too… normal use is read about 70 - 80 degree celcius… do you think that’s normal ?

and problem is that Rig Also for ETH Mining, ETH hashrate can drops if CPU always hit 100 degree celcius, maybe I also can change it to another motherboard with i3 3220

It’s can decrease profit to about 5%-20%, 4x RX 580 8GB