Debug Log file error lines

Can somebody tell me please: Multiple same error lines in the log file. What does it mean. Do I have to correct or fix something? windows 10 GUI

2021-07-18T22:23:54.182 farmer chia.rpc.rpc_server : WARNING Sending data failed. Exception Traceback (most recent call last):
File “chia\rpc\”, line 67, in _state_changed
File “aiohttp\”, line 150, in send_str
File “aiohttp\”, line 687, in send
File “aiohttp\”, line 643, in _send_frame
File “aiohttp\”, line 660, in _write
ConnectionResetError: Cannot write to closing transport

Yesterday I was happily making plots/farming with 1.1.7 and all was well. Logs were totally empty for days at a time. Not one entry. But I couldn’t just leave well enough alone. No, I upgraded to the new improved 1.2.2. Now my logs are filled with this exact error and some others likely related. Done a bit of googling, seems something to do w/websockets and the like. Sorry I don’t know about any of it. Just it’s not my fault lol! (Except for upgrading - my bad)