Decay on 980 Pro 1TB SSD

I have a 980 Pro Samsung SSD 1TB.

I have 11 plots, currently.

How many plots will this SSD card give me (on avg) before it needs replacement?

Your SSD has an endurance rating of 600 TBW. If I remember correctly, each plot creates 1.8 writes, which makes your drive good for roughly 300 plots.

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The TBW is just a number of guaranteed writes. It’s highly likely that it will endure a lot more. I have the same NVME and it currently reports 19% usage after 259 TB written. I’m pretty sure my plotting won’t break it. So, don’t sweat it and use it as long as it works. You will be surprised how long it will work. :slight_smile:


Thanks. This is helpful.

Thank you this makes me feel a lot better about spending so much on an SSD card.

CrystalDiskInfo will tell you also.

Thank you – I need to also create a post citing the incredible real world results people have gotten from MUCH older SSDs writing petabytes to them… that post is here


@storage_jm spoke about this in one of the live streams. If I understood right, he mentioned that early SSDs were much more durable. Over time the manufacturers have optimised for cost which means they have actually become considerably less durable over time. I thought that was super interesting.


Dude, I’ve got the 2T version that has 1200TBW, so, if 1 plot requires 256Gb, you’re going to use 4 plots per Tb. So, the most you can get out of your SSD is 2400 plots on the condition that it is only used for plotting and nothing more. But if it’s your main SSD to operate your OS, etc, then the lifespan will be a bit shorter, not by a huge margin. 600TBW is actually still quite a lot. And since Samsung is giving a 5 year warranty on it, there’s no harm in seeing if you can claim the warranty once it dies…there’s nothing to lose in trying. Best of luck and happy plotting.

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Welcome to the forums dklh80!

Just FYI, a plotter does 1.4TBW to a temp drive to generate one k32 plot.

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Imagine being Samsung and having your warranty claims double or triple the first year after covid.

My apologies, I was basing on the space requirement displayed in the GUI. I stand corrected.

1.4Tb per plot, then at 600TBW, you’ve got no more than about 400 plots if dedicated, otherwise, less if its your main OS drive.

True. Right now, I’m using top end retail Gen4 to create as many plots as possible as fast as possible to get the ball rolling. But for future use, I’m more likely to invest if an Intel DC SSD which have much higher TBW. Even an old model like S4600 has a up to 18000TBW or if you’re really hard core, P5800X with over 180000TBW, as a cost factor, their cheaper on the long term, but initial cost is easily 10x-15x top tier retail SSDs.

Last checked :
Intel Optane DC SSD P5800X 1.6Tb
RW : R@7200Mbps/W@6200Mbps
Endurance : 100T DWPD (182,500TBW)
£4010/$5660 in Amazon UK. And need to wait for stock.

Anyway, wishing everyone all the best and stay safe.

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