Defi loans with chia as collateral?

is it a good idea to use my chia for loan , wgile the purpaos is to buy more chia ? . might be stupid but any way any one notice chia as a collatirol ?

Wouldnt it be simpler to use leveraged trading ?
Some exchanges do that.


Don’t see the point of loans where you have to put more collateral in than you want to borrow then have to pay interest on top.

May as well just sell or trade what you have, but if you don’t have it in the first place then a bank loan and buy cripto. Or am i missing something about how it all works?

i think its a missuse of the world loan . any way i was more interested to see where chia is accepted
(im big on bank loans , i think its the cheapest money in the world .thuese SUCKERS WONT KNOW WHAT HIT THEM )