Delete content of SSD

I am new to Chia and plotting. The plotting hanged at12% I signed out 2 times and after I re-signed in I found out the 2 tb SSD is dead full. Each time I plot 6 plots. Please some one help me with deleting the contents of temp files in SSD. I use Windows 10 pro on 8 core 16 thread Ryzen and 100 tb internal HDD. Windows does not allow to delete manually cuz it is in use at Windows

I have done this twice. You cannot delete the files even if they are not in use.

Format the drive.

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Empty recycle bin then give it a try.

if your ssd is samsung, then try magician.

What if the SSD is Seagate

Windows does not allow deleting file when it is in use.

Thanks, I will try formatting as last resort

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