Deleted mainnet/ca, now getting "Failed to create the chia daemon"

Sad move on my part. Was failing to connect through 8555 and having SSL problems on my pi after attempting to run my full node off my PC.

  • Deleted mainnet/ca because I failed to make a backup before copying from my full node.
  • Did an uninstall using rm -rf /chia-blockchain, then ran chia keys add to generate a new /ca, but no luck.
  • copied over /ca from main computer again into mainnet but am getting the same “failed to create the chia daemon” error

Do I need to generate a new /ca? If not, how to I reinstall from scratch, and which of my folders do I need to backup?

If you have your mnemonic phrase, that is all you need. All you need to do is keep your plots. Get rid of everything else (uninstall and delete folders). Then install again and import using your phrase. Then you will have your ca back.