Deleting button on queued plots has been disabled too

I’ve seen the release notes of the last update and it contains “Disabled deletion of running plot for Windows users as the crash/lockup bug has returned.”. However, i am using win 10 and the gui doesn’t enable the delete button even to queued plots.

Delete button for queued plots had been useful a lot for me. I know that deleting running plots crashes the app but for queued plots used to work like a charm.

Is there a way to delete plots using commands ? tried to find and there’s no information about.

Thanks a lot

iirc and you can locate the correct instance of chia. exe you can do it in the task manager


I have closed them using task manager. If you have an error look for the chia file that has no ram usage and that will be the plot that is stuck. You can match the ram usage to file log to id actively running plots if needed.

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It works for queued plots too ? I am talking about to plots in queue that’s not running yet i’d like to remove these.