Deleting one plot from the GUI crashes everything


Few days ago i decided to delete on of the plot’s that was in the queue or already in progress. I was surprised, when all the chia blockchain software crashed/restarted. Lost a lot of plots that where in the middle of the plotting. Today… some f.… story. Instead of deleting one plot, this crappy item crashed again, losing all plot’s that where in progress.

So my question where to look for the problem and HOW delete not needed plot (in the case i need) without destroying everything around?

2nd question, is there any way this program could resume ploting once it was closed/restarted? We live in 21 century, putting temp. data from RAM to HDD, saving the progress state and resume it later when needed should not be a rocket science for IT developers. Or is it?

Thank you.

Yeah plotting through GUI is bad when there is an issue it will crash. My suggestion is to take the time to learn CLI and you can plot independently of the GUI and if you have any issues you can reset everything whilst still plotting.

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I’m OK with CLI. And if i knew, that GUI makes such a stupid things, i would not use it at all. When you run the plotter it does not show ANY warnings about the loss of the data in the case of restart.

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You need to delete the log file from the mainnet/plotter directory, and clean up the hanging files from the temp locations for all the hanging plots. You can in theory do this without terminating all other plots running, but then you would have to be real good at killing the right plotter processes. If you succeed, good plots will continue to run through all their stages even though the GUI will say otherwise.

You might just want to shut down the GUI and stop all activity. The GUI will hang with “connecting to wallet” if you do not delete the bugged out plot files.

Finding out which files to target is trivial if you run a log parser/monitor such as GitHub - grayfallstown/Chia-Plot-Status: Tool to Monitor and Analyse Chia Plotting log files, show health and progress of running plots and estimated time to completion

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