DELL PowerVault ME484

Please let me know does it test any one to make configuration of HDDS on this storage

I want to make configuration of HDD that each disk will operate individually not RAID or JBOD, and not to remove data from my hdds
is it possible?

A JBOD is “just a bunch of (formatted and usable) disks”. Not wanting RAID means JBOD is the only option. The issue here is that you need the appropriate controller card in your server to operate the ME484. Those are typically geared for RAID. However, if you are using Windows, then once you initialize each disk with the controller card (RAID card), you can simply assign drive paths (drive letters or NTFS logical drives (drive folders) to each individual drive).

You said you already have data on your drives. If the drives are already linked in a RAID, then you must back up before switching to JBOD (individual drives). There is no magic button or program that will “convert RAID to JBOD”.

Thank you very much for your feedback

My hdds are not linked in raid they are non RAID. I have 6 dell servers r740xd on each one i have installed 18 pcs hDD they are not configuration in raid . Each one is operating individually. I have all of them with plots. I want to remove 5 severs and of drives I want to move in storage that I can see all of them and individually from windows

Can i do that by this storage?

I am not 100% sure here. From my limited knowledge of servers and storage, I’d just try to map the drives wherever you want and you should be good to go.

You might or might not have issues. I have 12 x 4tb drives in an R515 which are configured in the raid card bios as 12 x individual raid 0 arrays. They appear as 12 separate drives in windows.They are all full of plots.

I have a new machine a Supermicro C847 which has 36 LFF drive bays. I want to move as many disks into as possible to reduce power consumption. Using an IT mode flashed raid card it operates as a JBOD, each disk just appears in windows, no configuring any raid.

I also have some netapp DS 4346 shelves one has a number of disks, this also runs as a JBOD.

I can pull disks out of the netapp and transfer them into the supermicro, it doesnt like to hot plug but after a restart they are there in windows ready to access. However, I cannot pull disks out of the R515 and transfer them in, as the raid configuration isn’t present.

So I am copying all the plots from the R515 to empty drives in the Supermicro.

Yeah, I forgot that 1 single drive without parity is technically RAID if a RAID only card configured it.