Dell T7810 - Upgrade to USB 3.1 USB C

Hey all!
The copying of my plots to their respective drives is my HUGE bottleneck. I bought s a USB 3.1 PCIE card off amazon and plopped it into my PCIE lane x16 but I am still getting crummy transfer speeds (almost 40 minutes) to transfer a single plot. Anyone with similar hardware whom has gotten over this particular hurdle?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

You might be better off with a 10gbe NIC. I have that same Workstation and have joy with the modest priced ASUS XG-C100C. Of course this requires 10G on the other end (and/or a router) (you don’t say how you connect the drives). I run a video company and so I upgraded to 10gbe infrastructure last summer. The good news is I think you can just plug 2 machines together with 10G because it needs no cross-over. But you need to config your net settings carefully.

The t7810 already has USB 3.0, the problem likely lies in your drives, or the cables you’re using to connect the drives.

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