Designing a Chia Farming operation with room to grow

Hi friends.
I need your opinion and advice. I have some friends who made some money with crypto , which means they have funds to build a some setup. so far the plotting machine that has these specs and we planning on you plotting 64 plots at a time at about 10 hours timeframe. so roughly 128 plots a day.
That’s 12.8 TB / DAY

AMD TR 3990x 64 Cores / 128 Threads
256 GB Ram
8x M2. 2 TB Nvme
MB has 4x M2 and planning to use 4 M2 on PCie

My question is , what would be the ideal storage solution for all this? I am not a network admin , so my experience is limited with servers and NAS. My initial idea was a 2.5Gbs network with a switch and some NAS machines, which I have no idea what . Maybe synology ds3617xs ?

Any thoughts , ideas, critics are welcome
Thank you

Dont go NAS. Go JBOD. NAS has a lot of overhead you dont need. Dont use any raid, just the bare disks. This is the most effective. And try to get big disks like 16 TB.

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Although it will work, I’d really suggest building 2 boxes with like 5900x for the same or less money, CPU frequency is an important part in being able to finish a plot quicker. Also one big box is one single point of failure, having multiple plotting boxes you can still perform maintenance if needed without shutting everything down. Not saying the threadripper can’t work, but one big box also has downsides you need to take into account.

You also need to think well and hard about getting those plots OFF the plotting box if your main farming storage isn’t attached to it. Gigabit will give you max 350GB/Hr and will severely limit you if you wait for that to offload plots but with the Threadripper box, even 2.5Gbit might not be enough throughput to not hold everything up, then you’d at least want to 10Gbit.

So several plotting boxes with 2.5Gbit and a central farmer box which has 10Gbit could be good for instance. But yeah, you’ll need a bit of Linux knowledge to set it all up.


thank you for your reply, can you recommend a JBOD unit that will go on a gigabyte lan ?
I am thinking this platter is too fast and i need to keep up with the plots and offloading the somewhere .

HI Quindor , the parts are already ordered, so i will have to deal with the speed of plotting of that beast threadripper. I am using 8 parallel Nvme for plotting, that will copy the plats to another 8 local HDD. then moving to the network farme .
As you said, how fast I will have to offload the plots the to a network storage array. any recommendations ?

To repeat another post where I found this, just scroll to the bottom.

Personally from what your’re saying. JBOD’s connected via external SAS would be best for you. SAS is 12Gb/sec I think

Do the calculations but if you have 8 local HDDs you can write the plots to locally and then have a 10Gbit connection to your final storage box, that could work.