DFI (Digital Farming Initiative) Has Created the First NFT on Chia

Hi everyone, we are ramping up fast and have now minted our first NFT which you can view on the Chia Blockchain here: https://www.chiaexplorer.com/blockchain/address/xch14l452elj52ncw2nafls2cvedyv42u6sqvwees4x5780wjyr0azcs9cs8n4
Launcher ID: 0x50f9ad09c986c527a52cfce2a59f6d1da8b1b55cf2edceb674b2d2fd5c17d784
Singleton Puzzle Hash: 0xafeb4567f2a2a7872a7d4fe0ac332d232aae6a0063b39854d4f1dee9106fe8b1

This puts us on track for our September 20th closed beta which will give testers the ability to mint, view, and transfer NFT’s. We plan for full deployment to occur October 15th. Our Arbor wallet will be the first Chia wallet to support NFT’s and we will be the first NFT marketplace on Chia. Please join our discord to keep up with announcements and join our community at Digital Farming Initiative We will have exciting contests and giveaways in the future.


First NFT? I think my plotting NFT singleton was made before your platform was created, no?

Rookie here, How do i see the NFT?

You can’t until our wallet adds NFT support.

DFI AMA & Celebration September 25th at 9PM EST

To celebrate our success we are holding an AMA and party tonight in a hour. We will have games, giveaways, introduce the members and possibly have some Chialisp trivia. All are welcome.

PS: DFI [Digital Farming Initiative] is the first NFT marketplace, NFT minter, and NFT wallet developer on Chia. We have recently reached the finals of the Sirius hackathon.