DFI: Digital Farming Initiative – The First Chia NFT Marketplace

Digital Farming Initiative is the largest software development company on PoST. We’ve created Arbor Wallet, the first open source SPV wallet to offer NFT support on Chia, and are ramping up for the release of our Arbor Place platform that allows for the creation and sale of NFT’s for artists everywhere.

Arbor Place will empower all artists with the ability to create, sell, trade, and advertise all their NFT creations on the Chia ecosystem, an environmentally friendly blockchain without the high gas fees that are killing content creators elsewhere. Art is about freedom of expression, it should not require artists to mortgage their house to release a series of works that benefit everyone. We encourage everyone in the Chia community to participate, create something that has value to yourself.

Arbor Place is currently being finalized. For now please checkout our discord for announcements and to test the Arbor Wallet bot. We hope that you’ll join us in our adventure.


PS: We’d like to request that the Forum Mods please add a category for NFT’s.


Maybe post the request in the forum feedback section to make sure they see it

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Awesome. These are exactly the types of things that will start bringing true use cases and value to the Chia ecosystem.


its good this for the price of chia

Would it make sense to keep the NFT topics in the Chia Development category we just set up until we have good traction? I’m open to starting one for NFTs too, just don’t want to spread too thin


Yeah i would say wait for there to be an NFT before there’s an NFT forum, but that’s just me.

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That works until NFT projects pick up steam.