Did some quick analysis on existing Netspace allocation among Pools

I thought this topic is interesting after 1 week in on official pools how the netspace has changed. I have had my own problems with replotting, not really with the GUI but some hardware and a user error that has slowed me down and thought it was a good topic to do a video and google sheet on. I really was suprised that pool netspace has not grown faster so far, but also have decided to de-hpool (unoffical style) myself completely and move to all nft compatible plots. It was a harder decision than I thought it would be, as I really have not had issues with hpool to-date. Also interesting is how fast they are growing their official pool size.

All official pool drama aside, I hope pool operators can focus on providing more information around the following topics:

User Data collection policies
3rd party data processors
Log retention policy

I also kinda feel that the competition for the existing NFT pool space among the pool operators is fed by the relatively small size of the transition so hopefully they can extend offerings and incentives to better entice end users to make the switch if they feel it is in their interest.


So what your saying is the new PP is a big FAIL, and if they generate lots of free COIN, sort of like the FED generating more USD and toss it out of a helicopter then ppl will flock to the new plots right?

If it takes ‘incentives’ to sell a bad idea, then maybe the product your trying to sell has no advantage for cost of replacement???

CHIA POOL vs SOLO is only a matter of how many plots you have. Right now the earnings are around 0.22 XCH/PB/DAY, which means on a pool you need 10k plots to win an XCH every 5 days;

U haven’t told us how many plots u have, I’m going to guess maybe a few 100 right?

Any mining if your a normal human with 10TB ( 100 plots ), and the Space is about 100PB then its game-over for solo, and you must move to a pool to accumulate coins.

At 30EB only ppl with 30PB can be serious about mining XCh, even 30PB is only 5 blocks a day, for $1M USD worth of HDD’s. ( these are the chinese whales )

+200 chia pools today, +500 chia-clones; Some 80% of the chia-pools are fake, and not even supporting RPC, so they’re being dropped by the Chia (XCH) PoST | Mining Pools stats.

Top ten PP pools are 500PB, followed by nine below 100PB; Yesterday in my study’s on space-pool I found about a 4-5x over rate on their actual space, this would make sense for all the other pools to be 1/5 the size of space-pool; All things equal they’re all running the same code and all started the same time.

HPOOL is still the leader at almost 80% of the pools, Space-pool the biggest western pool is 3%; Catch-Up ain’t going to happen.

The hackers and ‘fake plot’ ppl haven’t even begun to attack our baby-pools yet, when they do you will see blood, as none of these babys have the capitalization to cover the loses seen on hpool, 20% on average plots were fake; So with space-pools fake 500PB, say 20% is 100PB thats payout 30xch/day on fake-plots; That’s still $6K USD a day loss; How long can CALEB take the loss? Maybe not even a day.

No I am not implying the are a big fail.

Yeah it does have the appearance of “if X plots then Yes NTF else No stay solo/unofficial” which I dont have any firm number of plots that is that threshold of course, thats just a personal choice for ppl. But I did personally evaluate it in that context.

I did say in the video I am in the 100-120tb range, so add a zero and ya have my plot count. Having a hard time with 2 drives right now and 1 that needs an rma but I shuched so closer to the 1000 mark.

I might not be a normal human, but I think there is value in NFT beyond the current value prop and capabilities. :alien:

Exactly why I used the chiapool.directory. They are kinda hand currated at the moment and as such are picking up on mainly the larger pools. My study is not and was not statistially signifigant, I did mention that just to restat and avoid anyone thinking I did real in depth research on this. I figured that catching the top end pretty well encompasses the pooled space at this moment.

I am interested in research like that, you posting it anytime or want to have it covered? (with you personally or with credit of course)

Can ppl fake plot NFT’s with the official pool implimentation? Im not sure but I think that there are a lot of challenges facing the small pools and I didnt even think of this one. I dont think spacepool is faking the numbers, as that would be a suicide move in the US and would basically be fraud right? Is there something researchy that is based on or just a personal perspective?

So far there have been no exploits/bugs/issues brought up regarding the pool plot NFT’s. That being said the DAO happened and it passed all reviews too so its possible someday but likely not today.

Spacepool likely isn’t faking the numbers I’ve seen no evidence of this and their blocks found is generally what they should be finding. That being said with the variable difficulty people submit 300 shares a day so an unlucky 10pb farmer could look like 2pb and vice-versa. So no surprise if their numbers move around a bit. Ours moves up and down 1pb even though we set difficulty at 1 so most people submit shares every few minutes or less. Current harvester has no reported plot size feature so you need to estimate based on submissions which isn’t accurate and is highly variable.


Yea I have been pleased with my replotting efforts so far, and they are long term a better move. I know a lot of fatigue exists out there however. I get a lot of reports of such on my channel and heck I feel the same myself. Did you have a chance to watch the recommendations I had for official pools part of the video? Any thoughts on those points?

You look like a younger Will Wheaton.

That being said I agree that you should probably diversify a bit if you have a lot of plots.
Regarding data privacy, transparency, and standards its good that you are pushing for this but unfortunately a lot of warnings go in one ear and out the other. Some of the large pools are clearly illegal given that they don’t have privacy policies as required under EU and America/Canadian law for crypto pools and that hasn’t turned farmers away.

Your right that people are switching over. Enjoy the bar graph and the distribution. Don’t forget Corepool too. I’m not sure Hpool’s official pool is official as they used closed source software and still require your keys.