Difference between Contract Address vs Wallet Address vs Launcher Id?

What is Difference between Contract Address vs Wallet Address vs Launcher Id ?

I’m sure others can expand on this and correct me if I’m wrong. But my understanding is:

Contract address: This is the address of a smart contract and can be used to show all properties, stats, calls and transactions for that contract.

Wallet address: this is just a wallet address and can be used to see all transactions that took place to and from that wallet along with its balance.

Launcher ID: This id is your id within a pool. This id tracks your participation in the pool.

I hope this is accurate. I’m sure there is more to it, but I’m pretty sure I’m close.

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During Plot creation, To join any pool, Why we need to enter Contract address instead of Launcher Id of that Pool ? Why Contract address is not same in all pool ?

The contract address belongs to your plot NFT.
You want to use the same one for all your plots.

You can then use this address to point your plots to a certain pool for farming.

If you use a different contract address every time you will create a big mess and make it difficult to farm.

So the contract address basically belongs to the plots and has nothing to do with any pool untill you tell it to join one.
This way you can switch your plots from one pool to the next.

Edit: the fact that they call it “join a pool” is very confusing and should be changed to something like “make this plot able to join pools later”

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