Different ~/.chia directory structures?

In my ongoing effort to work through any potential issues with my setup (not getting any block rewards), I did a full reinstall of my full node today. One thing I noticed is that the config, db, log, run & wallet directories are located directly in the ~/.chia directory now whereas before they were nested within another directory mainnet. The only thing different about the first time I installed it was that I attempted to use the experimental GUI install with fedora as mentioned in the installation guide, but when running the GUI it just hangs indefinitely with the Loading Wallet message (and presumably creates the directory structure beforehand), and ended up uninstalling and just following the manual install steps after that.

Anyone have more insight into this? I guess the github might be a better place to ask this or even looking through the source code.

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Why do you think you should be getting block rewards?

Basically my estimated time to get a block reward has been around 5 days for over a week (farming since the 12th and up to 430 plots). True that it’s not too much of a stretch to be down to bad luck, but the longer it goes without getting at least 1 block reward to confirm my setup is working, the more I suspect something is wrong.

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I assume you changed log level to INFO and looked at harvester eligibility times? That’s where the rubber meets the road…

I’ve since moved to a fresh OS since posting this and have verified that my setup works by getting a block reward. And yep, had INFO level logs on both the old and new setup and both were clean of errors/no issues with harvester times.