Disable enable_upnp on all machine

I am setting the value enable_upnp with false in the config file on all machine when I have installed chia.
Actually is just one that really is alwasy on and sometimes I just usa an other one to make some test.
could it make some problem?

Thank you

I’m sorry, I can’t understand what you have written here?

Only one machine should have port 8444 pointed at it… the reason you disable upnp is so that machines do not fight over who has port 8444.

So it is better enable that on the machine always on and puts disable on the others machines?


Yes, your primary farmer should have port 8444 forwarded to it. All other machines with the GUI installed should have upnp disabled, so only one machine on your network is connected to port 8444.

That’s what all the documentation says.

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