Disc filling calculator

hi everyone, i’m looking for a utility allowing to know what type of plots in what quantity i need to create to fill my hdd as much as possible.
example: (hdd 8to: 7.27to really usable = 67xk32 + 6xk33) = 5go unfilled
this is just an example, I would like to know precisely so as not to be mistaken, and gradually fill the discs with the right plots.

There’s this site that might help: https://plot-plan.chia.foxypool.io/


I have looked at that calculator a couple times and the first row makes sense, but what are the other two rows? If I put in 29TB at the top, I get 266 #k32 plots will almost fill it (on row 1). That makes sense. But at the same time on row 2 it says 217 k32 plots will fill it also and then 12 on row 3. I don’t understand.

1st row is using k32s only, 2nd is using k32s and k33s and 3rd row is using k32s, k33s and k34s.

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OK, I understand now. But, uh, that’s stupid. So row two is only good information if you have exactly 24 k33 plots on that drive. Just not very helpful.