Disk Array setup


I’m a normal gaming guy and i was more like given a SuperMicro CSE-846 - 4U Rack Server that i want to use for chia.

Now my question is, as i never played with server side of equipments, how do i come to achieve this, how do i even start to set up, do i need anything else beside psu that it has, ho do i link this together. I did not even started this.

Could anyone give me a hand please.


Hi @BaciDeChia ,

It’s really going to depend on what you already have in that system. What CPUS/Memory/Drives are already in the machine? Are you already running chia on another system or would you be starting from scratch? Does the server already have an OS on it?

Pretty beefy little server you have there, definitely has tons of room for storage, but also may be a power hog. But again really need to know the specifics on the machine to see what it would be capable of, and if it would be worth it. (Cost of additional components, potential power costs etc…)

I’m running an old Dell R910 server and have it plotting and acting as a harvester and it works pretty darn good, but definitely uses up a lot of power.