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Hi there,
I have a NetApp DS4243 disk storage rack where I would like to connect to my PC, and store all my plotted drives to the storage rack while farming on the PC that is running Linux. I connect the storage rack to my PC via SCSI SAS Cable but my PC is not reading it for some reason and does not see the drives on the rack. If anyone could guide me twoards the right direction. Please and thank you :slight_smile:

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What kind of hba card are you using to comnect the sas cable to?

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There are two ports on the top of the back of the netapp. Stupid question…have you tried the other one. I’m almost positive one is an “in” and the other is an “out”

I have a 4246 hooked to Linux box with HBA that works flawlessly.
Let me know your specific setup (i.e. HBA card, cable type and physical hookup) and I will try to help you figure it out.

Are your drives mounted correctly in the caddies?

Hey I have a PMC Sierra PM8003 SCC PCI-e 4-Port QSFP SAS HBA Cards v3.0 + v5.0 (PM8003)

yes they recive power and led light on, indicating that the netapp knows drives are there.

Hey there, so my hba is PMC Sierra PM8003 SCC PCI-e 4-Port QSFP SAS HBA Cards v3.0 + v5.0 (PM8003) that is mounted on to my Pc mother board. The cable is a SCSI SAS Cable. I dont know if I need to use unraid and then run a VM on the server with the chia gui.

I’m not sure about the HBA you have. It looks like it should work.
What port do you have the cable plugged into on the IOM6?
It must be plugged into the port with the square label.
Which IOM6 are you plugged into? Top or Bottom?
Are you using SAS or SATA drives?
Is there a link light on both the NetApp and the HBA?

Below are links to the HBA and cable that I bought, and they work perfectly.
If you go with this setup, make sure you get the 8088 to QSFP version.
That specific cable is needed for this HBA.


PM me and we can discuss this directly if you would like.

Forgot to mention…You do not need to run unraid or use a VM. I’m using Ubuntu with nothing special and it detects the drives immediately.
The HBA does need to be unraid though. Which is what the HBA I used is.

Im trying to figuire out how to PM. Can you PM me? Thank you for this I appreciate it.

You mean the HBA needs to be in IT Mode.

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Correct. Sorry for the wrong terminology.

No need to be sorry, just a simple typo/word confusion - I often do it, especially if in a hurry.