DIY cases that fit EEB (dual cpu) motherboards

For those like me who either do not have a rack space or don’t want to deal with the noise server cases make, here’s a few cases I found that actually support the EEB (“E-atx”) dual socket motherboards.

Thing is that some use alternate screw hole placements, so they don’t fit in most cases, even though the cases say they support it. See below image, curtesy of Gamers Nexus

At least some boards like my X9DRi-F use F’ and J’ instead of the standard F and J mounting holes. Here are a few I confirmed to fit these boards:

Tower cases:

  • Raijintek PONOS TG4
  • DeepCool E-SHIELD

(small) 4U cases:

  • Inter-tech ipc 4u-4408
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