Do Harvester needs to sync 100% to show plots in full node

I have setup harvester but it didn’t showing in full node. Do we need to sync all harvester and farmer to show their plots in full node.

Did you add the plot folder on your full node plot list?

My USB hard drives are connected to harvester machine. I have followed all the steps shown in youtube link : Farming Chia on Many Machines | How To Farm Chia On Multiple Computers - YouTube

OK, the last step on that vid is adding plot folder to main node, when you did that did it actually add it?
Can you see that folder if you now go to the folder list again?

sorry I have sent wrong link. This is the video I am following as a guide.

You only need sync when machine is a full node. If running as harvester only just run

chia start harvester -r

The harvester service only will run which doesn’t need the blockchain db therefore no need for it to sync.

Sorry, but I sat through one vid I didn’t need to watch.

Did you share your plot folder to your full node?
Did you add that plot folder to your full node?

You only add plot folder on one system. If your are harvesting on a non full node system, just add the plot folder by
chia add plots - d (full path of the folders containing plots)

You may want to restart harvester on the same system
First open a powershell window as admin and issue following command.

chia start harvester -r

Don’t close the powershell window or it will stop the Harvester (I suspect this is the case here)

I didn’t add plot folder to full node. my full node is in my house and harvesters are at office.

Yes. I have closed the powershell window. I will try again today to keep it running.

Ah, so 2 totally different locations.
I have absolutely no idea how you go about setting that up.
Good luck.

Why not just set up 2 independent nodes, and set them both to payout to the same cold wallet.

This happened to me, try clicking on the Keys option in the Chia Blockchain CLI, this will re-authenticate and your harverster will be shown in YOur havester network

This is the plan to make 2 independent nodes if harvester located in my house didn’t connect to my office full node. Thank you guys for all your help

If your office and your house don’t share the same internet connection (same modem), it’d take some kind of extremely advanced VPN setup to make it work without significant lag and is not something I’ve heard of anyone doing. Two nodes is probably your best option.

I have a similar question
I have configured a harvester locally on another machine, set the corresponding keys and enable the service “chia harvester start”. Check the configuration in /main/config/config.yaml and add the drive paths on my config. I have managed to get my node interface to show the harvester tests, but the number of plots and time to win are unchanged. That’s correct??

You should see your plots from harvester increase the no of plots on your farmer and the time decrease.

Not sure why you would have added anything to your debug log, you should add to config.yaml.

Or just use the add plot button on the gui if you use it.

Edit. Did you allow access / share folder from harvester to farmer?

Thank you very much. Doesn’t this generate some kind of duplication in the node? Modify the answer, I made a typing mistake.

It won’t duplicate anything as long as your farmer is a full node, and your harvester is just a harvester, not a farmer.

I just edited config.yaml to upnp false on the harvester.

I followed his advice disable upnp and add the drives to my node. The settings seem to work fine, indeed my time to win decreased and the number of plots increased. My question is the following:
I am looking at my last test attempts and I see this
0xb34 … 0/127 (Local plots 106 + 21 harvester)
0xb33 … 1/21 (Only Harvester)

My debug.log in harvester shows
1 plots were eligible for farming - Found 0 proofs. Time: 0.51681 s. Total 21 plots
2021-06-27T19: 51: 49.448 harvester harvester: INFO Reconnecting to peer
2021-06-27T19: 51: 51.499 harvester harvester_server: INFO Cannot connect to host
2021-06-27T19: 51: 54.503 harvester harvester: INFO Reconnecting to peer

Apparently everything is correct?

I can’t be positive, as I stopped running my other plotter through the gui, I now use madmax on that machine.

In my logs I just get 1 plot was eligible out of total plots.

I dont ever recall seeing

If that is the output from last attempted proof, mine never showed like that, is that what you meant by last test attempt?