Do I have to remake all my plots?

Currently Im solo farming, but Im thinking of joining a pool when the official pool protocol is released but one thing I cant find information about is whether I have to remake all my plots if I want to join a pool in the future.

Sorry to be a bit offensive here, but if you can’t find any info on that, you’re really not very good at looking :joy:
It’s literally in every faq and every topic on the subject

Anyway, yes you need to make new plots to join a “official” pool

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Official pools will require new plots.
The suggested route is to slowly migrate to new plots as you make room, then you can still farm your old solo ones until you are ready to remove them
I would remove only as many old/solo plots as you can make in One Day
This will keep your chances best in both worlds while you migrate


yeah, when I decided to join findchia it sounded a little sad to me that I need to replot all of my previous plots but it took not so long, just a couple of days with software that replots all of that automatically