Do I need to also copy certificates if I type the 24 word private key during install?

I am really confused about the installation chia on 2 different pc.
What is the difference between put the 24 mnemonic keys or copy the certificate from the folder ca
using this:

Run chia init -c [directory] on your harvester, where [directory] is the copy of your main machine /ca directory that you put in a temp folder. This command creates a new certificate signed by your main machine’s CA.

They are the same things? It is necessary do both things?

To be honest on 2 pc I insert manually the 24 keys and if I do ./chia keys show all the kyes matched

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I have seen people say that entering the 24 keys is less secure. I have no idea what they mean by that so I am very curious to hear from someone on this that can explain.

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Two separate things.

The CA certificates are when you want to run a farmer on one machine, and have a remote harvester on another machine. The CA certs allow the secure communication between the harvester and the farmer it is harvesting for. The harvester doesn’t need your private keys (24 words), so there’s no reason for it to have them.

The other scenario is where you want to run two farmers on two different machines, harvesting only local plots. Both farmers will need a private key. If you want to keep things simple, you would share a key between them. That way, you’re always plotting for the same key, and you can move plots around as needed.

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My scenario is

  1. One laptop where I installed for first time Chia software and I saved the 24 keys
  2. One pc where I am creating the plot the Harvesters, I just copied manually the 24 keys and I disabled Upnp
  3. One pc running Ubuntun where I want save the plots The farmer, I copied manually the 24 keys I disabled Upnp and copied also the folder CA ( I was not sure so I did this too)

On all these pc I prefer run the GUI couse for now It is bettere to understand everything :slight_smile: What do You think? I did a big mess? ot it will work?
thank you