Do I need to move Plots from created by Harvester to Full node machine in order to properly Farm?

I have a Harvester (second machine) properly connected to a Full-Node Farmer (first machine) and plots are currently being created successfully on both machines.

I’ve read from multiple sources that the “best” way to farm is to move (cut/paste) the plots completed from the Harvester to the full node machine. (Upon cut/pasting, I do need to restart the Chia app on Full-Node machine in order for the GUI to refresh the Farming count and for the GUI to recognized these Plots as official).

Question: Do I really need to move the Plots from Harvester to Full Node machine to properly Farm these plots? Or can I just leave them on the Harvester without transferring. (reason being, I do see the Harvester plot counts appear in the Last Attempted proof grid on Full Node GUI, but I can’t confirm if they are really farming properly. Also because I also read that the best practice is to transfer plots to local destination folder on Full Node machine).


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No, it rescans the directories looking for new plots.

Yes, just share the plot folder over your network, and add it to your full node folder plot list.

wouldn´t that be “duplicating” your plot count from harvester? I thought that having the node reading the plots from harvester was enough…

What I recommended wouldn’t duplicate anything if upnp is turned off on the Harvester.
I’ve since learnt although what I recommended worked, it’s not the proper way to do it, and is much slower than what you have already set up.

So a full node on one machine, with another machine with just a harvester set up by running the cli on it and not the gui is best / fastest.

Now, you don’t need to move the plots from the Harvester to the full node, but if your running your Harvester plotting also, it seems that could cause it to look like things are working great, but actually not be working so great.

The idea that it might not be working so great came up in the thread about ppl with alot of plots who weren’t winning for what seemed a long time.

So maybe moving them to the full node is indeed the best way to go about it just to be sure.

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it happened to me… but i blame it more on the netspace growth ( last time i won was July 4th, then June 22nd and prior May 13th… with somewhat 4000 plots… ) I did tried the Chia-HarvesterWatcher in powershell and things seem to run ok. ( did not do it in the harvester though)

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My harvester shows good response times even though I’m running mad max.
To be fair, the person who wasn’t winning often enough did the math, and had been over lucky, so thats probably why they hit a dry spell.