Do I stay solo or pool?

What constitutes as decent internet for Chia? I pay for the Internet assistance plan (subsidized internet) from Spectrum Cable. I only get 30 down and 3 up. I have my TV, laptop, phone and tablet all going streaming YT and Hulu and surfing at the same time. Some people would say I have a battle station in my living room set up so I can look at the TV for Hulu live. I rarely buffer videos and the internet rarely is slow to load pages. Granted, I rarely online game also, so this works for me. Also, Quality of Service is near perfect. I have only had like 2 short outages in the 2.5 years I lived in my house.

Well, it’s a server-client system and you connect to ~80 nodes. With your internet you risk loosing Chia everything you stream porn, netflix and even watch youtube. I have 10 Gbit/s up and down. That’s ok for this application.

Chia.Switzerland > In your opinion, what would you say is the minimum acceptable internet speed to successfully farm Chia plots? 100Mbps / 200Mbps / 1 Gbps / 10 Gbps or ???

My Internet needs fixing, dodgy cable, so I’m on 40MB down , 30MB up currently and won with that.

I have 30x30 cable AND 30x30 cable company fiber at the office and honestly, I don’t notice much difference between my internet at home and the internet at the office if 5 people/devices are going full throttle or if at the office, 100+ people are on. The 30x30 cable is only a backup and only active if the Fiber is out so I rarely if ever see it activated.

Is there any technical explanation of why you would need an extremely fast internet connection to farm Chia?

As far as I know, there’s no reason to get a very fast internet but a very stable one would be much more important so you don’t miss the signage point.

I believe that, the limit for a challenge look up time is 30 secs. Therefore if you have a proof that win and return it within this limit, you will get your reward. It just doesn’t matter who will be the fastest as everyone who win will get 2 XCH. If many people win, multiple blocks will be created. You can read more about it here.

I farm on my Pi 4. My average challenge look up time is 1s. Basically, whether you farm on a super computer or a Pi, it shouldn’t matter.

Type chia show -c and watch what other nodes transfer. Also check Task Manager for how much traffic your pc creates. If you even hit 30 mbit/s down and 3 mbit/s up just with your chia node, you will need an upgrade. 100 mbit/s symmetrical is the lowest I would suggest, better 1 Gbit/s. If you have cheap network hardware, you might even lose Chia when you use Network drives. A dedicated switch of minimum 100 USD before your router is a must if you use network drives.

Because of people like you I made 4 Chia in 10 days. Thank you. :wink:

You might not notice. Your Chia client will.

As an IT/cloud network admin, I am trained to notice when the internet runs slow. I really can tell when our internet at the office or my internet at home is sluggish. Knock on wood, I haven’t seen it lately. Quality of Service, in my opinion is more important that a slightly unreliable fast connection.

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It’s good for you that you got this amount in such a short period of time. Let’s see you will get another 4 or any at all in the next 10 days :sweat_smile:

I hope someone can explain why it’s necessary to farm on a supercomputer or with a 10 Gbit/s internet connection. It even sounds stupid to me :poop:

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Yep. I agree. You said it.

I test people for their qualification at a professional level and earn a six-digit income by doing that. I can tell for sure that just because somebody does something on his job, it does not mean he is good at it or has a clue about anything else about the 3 entry level devices he manages at work. Also the fact that you are just “trained” by some third party instead of being intrinsically motivated and that you talk about “slow internet” further decreases your credibility about being an expert on this topic. No offense.

Because the whole Chia thing is a business and with business comes competition. I am telling you that chances to win are higher than promoted by chia-calculator, chia farm summary etc. because most people just have 0 chance of winning because of bottlenecks in their IT. Even if they had 5000 plots they would not win.

And about the internet connection. I just happen to have that stuff at home anyways and the PC I need for other things as well. Was thinking to buy a TR Pro for a while. Now he is just paying off on top as a chia server.

I agreed that your gadgets are extremely cool. However, I don’t know why would those gadgets be of any use in Chia farming at all. Since Chia’s block-winning process is not related to having a ThreadRipper Pro in any way. I think that would be the concept of PoW. However, we’re on the PoST that we have a whooping 30 secs to respond to our challenge. I still fail to understand why anyone in their right mind would need something like that for Chia farming unless they have some money to burn and want to have less long-term profits due to the electricity consumption and maintenance cost.

Can you explain in detail, technical-wise, the possible bottleneck issue that occurs in farming?


There’s little to no advantage having stupid fast internet speeds, you are not competing against other farmers to submit a block as is with PoW or PoS.

On the P2P layer I see an average of 250 kBits/s incoming and 500 kBit/s outgoing, I have farmed several blocks.

There is also little to no advantage of having stupid fast compute speeds, for plotting yes, for farming no. The time window for farming related actions are all in the seconds not milliseconds, thus you don’t need monster compute.

Simple explanation on block lottery:

Each plot has a unique plot ID. Every 8 seconds, there is a signage point (sp) where the harvester checks if any of your plots are eligible for farming based on plot ID and that signage point. It looks up a random value called the quality string (qs) from part of the plot for those that are. Qs is a small part of the whole proof, and it’s like your lottery ticket. You combine that with sp again to generate another random number H(qs + sp) (hashing the lottery drawing with lottery ticket). The hash value gives you a completely random number between 0 and 1. If you are really, really close to 0, you win (threshold is based on current difficulty). And if it wins, it then fetches the whole proof from the disk.

It is important to add that there can be multiple winners and they all get the full reward! This is a surprising feature of the lottery for many people. All farmers with plots that pass the threshold will win 2 XCH. To keep the win rate at an acceptable level, the threshold will be adjusted up or down if more or less proofs than expected are found.

It really only boils down to the total size of your plots vs the size of the network and random luck.


He’s clearly just a high level guy that got into the game late and got lucky winning a couple coins within 10 days as he kept repeating. Also showing off his salary and his shiny new threadripper pro system for $7k lol. Don’t waste your time he won’t know any technical details behind his claims besides high speedz MOAR CHIA.



how do you actually check if all plots are correct?
their response times and so on, since some are on harvesters… a

all i know is ‘chia plot check’ and thats about it :smiley:

There is a tool on github for that.

yeah. thanks for the help, I will guess the name myself, no worries :clap: