Do K33s generate twice as many points in the pool as K32s?

We want to start optimizing the space on our disks and we are going to plot some K33 to combine them with K32 to obtain the maximum possible space.

The question is if the K33s generate twice as many points as the K32s, or if they generate less points than using only K32s.


Slightly more than double assuming same difficulty

I believe they generate the same amount of points per quantity of space used. However I cannot say I’m 100% confident about it so I’ll wait for someone else to chime in.

So, as Chris mentioned above, it’s slightly more than double assuming the same difficulty (to be more precise k33 may generate in 2.06 more points comparing to k32).

And if you fill out all of your space it doesn’t really matter is it all consist of k32 or k33 - it should give you the same amount of points. But I know by myself how hard it could be to calculate the correct number of different types of plots you need to make (to make your drives full), so it may come in handy: Optimal Plot Plan

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Chia is talking about shrinking size of k32 plots through optimizations so space unfortunately can’t be used as an absolute comparison cause some plots can be more optimal than others that are larger yet give same rewards. I have no idea how we can accurately test plots chances of winning.