Do you also need to re-plot k33 plots?

Hi. I try found but unsuccessful. I just found about k=32 plot must re doing. But what about k=33 plots ?
I mean when open new pools and be protocol new.
This is what I found

Will I need to replot to use the official pooling protocol?

Yes. Anyone who wants to join a pool will need to create new K32 portable plots. This new plot format allows you to switch between pools and self-pooling with a cooldown of 30 minutes between each switch. Our recommendation is to slowly replace your existing plots with portable plots one by one, so you still have a chance to win XCH while you convert to all portable plots.

Yes, old plots won’t work for pools, no matter the size. However, they’ll still work just fine as a solo farmer.

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Same as /Dan said, every size of plots you already plotted when the new update comes, you have to re-do and re-place the old ones if your plan is to join a pool.

No need to re-plot, if you have no plan to go with pools.

Ok If I do plotin now my old one they will work together with new one on solo ?

yes you can still solo-farm with both.

Just not join pool with the old ones

Yes I will go solo. Need increased each day 10TB

So in this case, let’s say I replot 100 plots, then I could assign them to either solo or to pool?

So if I decide lateron I don’t want to pool anymore I assign all to solo without having to replot?

And I could run both plot and pool under the same key?

Yes how I understand. New protocol will work on solo and pool multi portable.