Do you guys actively use your systems while farming?

I’ve heard about possibly mining some other cryptos using the CPU and or GPUs on the systems once most of the plotting is done.

I will have some headroom to assign other tasks, just wondering how others are going about this.

During duststorms (or when the real world use of the network really picks up) a chia full node becomes a bit more taxing on the cpu. Running other CPU intensive mining software may interfere then. GPU intensive mining software (e.g. Ethereum) seems to be a better choice to prevent this.
There is also a security consideration I think, running other (crypto) software usualy means trusting whoever developed it.
Maybe it’s best to transfer the chia full node to another lesser -but sufficiently- spec’d exclusive machine and use the powerful plotter for other things.
If your disks are somehow bound (internal)) to the plotter rig, you could still transfer the full node to for instance a 4-core Intel NUC or a modest pc and run a remote harvester on the plotting rig with the disks.
That way other software on that rig can not threaten the security of your chia farm (no keys needed on the remote harvester) and a remote harvester is very undemanding on CPU as there are no databases involved. So headroom on the plotting rig can be used without worrying about messing up your Chia farming.

All of my systems are fully utilised even when farming Chia, including my full node and harvester systems.

I am mainly using Windows for full node and harvesters, but have a few harvesters on Linux and FreeBSD too.

On every system, I mine Ethereum, Raptoreum and Chia. Also have Raptoreum core node, and Nervos Network node on some systems.

On all systems, all GPU and CPU is maxed at 100%, and of course with Chia there is not a spare gigabyte other than on my system drives.

Never had a single issue with farming Chia under these conditions. However, I do set the process priority of my Raptoruem miners to ‘below normal’ and the Chia harvesters to ‘above normal’, so that Raptoreum is effectively mopping up any spare CPU cycles. You can also tweak certain process’ CPU/Core affinity to reserve some headroom if needed, to keep things running smoothly, although I haven’t had to do that.

Currently on 3587 plots with 10 XCH won. My aim is to reach 400TB and then stop expanding my farm (probably… I said when I reached 200TB originally I would stop… lol).


I did try for a bit.
I first started to add 2 GPU’s to mine ETH then I switched to CPU mining with RTM.
I took out the GPU because I could only manage to overclock one.

The other PC I mine Signum and BHD and I have the CPU mining the RTM too.
Never had any problem.

I use my system to farm and GPU mine. Only thing that has affected my Chia farming was when I tried to dual mine Chia, and a Chia alt… I believe that had to do with both using the hard drives. But, other than that scenario, I’ve had no problems.

Just won another block - now 12 XCH.


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12 XCH with only 3587 plots? That’s some good luck there. I’m over 7000 plots and I only have just gotten above 15 XCH.

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