Do you have to stop plotting to update chia version?

Has anyone updated while still continuing to plot?

I guess if you started plotting from the CLI there is no problem (I have always updated while plotting). However, if you are using the GUI I think you will have to close the app to update and plotting will stop.

Oh great, I am plotting from CLI

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Hrm, when I was CLI plotting, I killed my running plots upgrading by accident. I thought you had to make a copy of the install so you weren’t using the “main” install plotting? Assuming your updates aren’t mandatory updates that break old plotting.

If you’re using CLI yeah you an update without stopping plotting.


ah, interesting. I’m in Windows, so… forgot to mention that. It definitely broke mine. Or maybe it was coincidental?

I think in Windows installing a new version HAS to break plotting, because this is the path you use to plot from the command line:


Note how the version is part of the path so it MUST break plotting when you install a new version…

Perhaps in Linux it is different, but for Windows… I can’t see any way for it to NOT break when you install a new version…

ok, so I’m not crazy. I thought that. Hence the copy-to-run-separately. It really only was a problem when we had to upgrade.

You can create an alias which uses a wildcard for the version number as suggested in


On a second thought adding to PATH is superior advice, as people use start-process and it wants a file not an alias. So again, this is how to do it in your $profile, or each time in a PowerShell script or the command line:

$ENV:PATH += $ENV:LOCALAPPDATA\chia-blockchain\app-*\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon

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