Does anybody know about this number

What is that number in front of connected box on the upper right corner?
It used to say 5 but now says 1 and my April 4 xch are missing from my wallet.
Any help would be greatly appriciated.

It’s is the same as the number of local addresses I have on my node. So…maybe???

That number shows how many clients are connected to your wallet server.

When you run chia wallet show, it is the number of “Connections” shown at the bottom.

I only have 3 other wallets connected (full node screen in Gui), plus my own… so that’s 4, not 5, that is the number I have top right. Are you sure about what you say?

Not sure if you were asking me @Fuzeguy , but I looked through the source code to confirm. chia-blockchain-gui/WalletStatusHeader.tsx at 27711e2c60ea8d1d806fb0b6b95673843567ae70 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain-gui · GitHub

This is ultimately what is drawn for that connections button, and it appears to be showing the number of connections to your wallet. Not to be confused with remote wallet connections to your full node. These connections are mixed in now, making it a bit confusing.

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I think it is the other way around. Wallet is not accessible to the outside (it opens port 9256 and only for the localhost), and it only connects to full nodes (8444)

Those are other wallets connected to your full node, not to your wallet.

What I said… “It’s is the same as the number of local addresses I have on my node.”

Right, usually there is 1 local node connection to the wallet, so that’s why the number is 1. It is only showing the number of local wallet connections you would see when running chia wallet show, not the remote ones that may appear in chia show -sc.

If they actually had 5 connected before, I guess this might mean they had other wallet connections, maybe other software or tools. I’m not sure how to explain the 4 missing XCH though.

@Behrooz If you look at your transactions, do you see 4 XCH being sent anywhere?

I wasn’t exactly sure what you meant by that at first.

I thought there was a wallet listening locally on port 8449, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Being a GUI user, not CLI, I choose option (2) in farmr, “XCH - View Addresses” where it shows all addresses attached to the node, local, cold, and public. Sorry for the confusion :grin:

I think you are right about it. Wallet opens 8449, and it looks like it is used for internal chat. On the other hand, 9256 is wallet’s RPC port (the future of ciha exploits, if not fixed). Port 9256 is only local bound, but I am not sure whether 8449 is exposed outside of the box. Neither one is visible through the router.

I’m quite confused now. I checked out another node running 1.3.5-dev0, and it shows 5 connections on the button in question. chia wallet show only has one local connection showing ports 8444/8444.

I thought the wallet protocol ran on 8449, but I do not see any connections on 8449, listening, or outbound on any of the machines. Yet, chia show -sc does show a local wallet connection on ports 46522/8449.

So I am seeing one of my full nodes showing 5 wallet connections, where the other only shows 1 in the GUI, but both actually have multiple external connections to the wallet.

Here’s what I just looked at and found.

Taking a remote wallet connection from chia show -sc, I see:

WALLET                50452/8449 ....

Running netstat -anolp | grep shows:

tcp 0 0 my-node-ip:8444    ESTABLISHED   202484/chia_full_node  keepalive (5856.16/0/0)

So chia show -sc shows one thing, but the actual ports are different (the wallet peer is connecting externally using the full node port, 8444). I’m not sure if there really is anything listening on 8449 now. I thought there used to be. Can’t explain the discrepancy with the ports in netstat vs chia show.

Absolutely no idea why one version of the software is showing 5 connections and the other showing 1, when it looks like they have similar wallet connections.

EDIT: To make it even more confusing, when I run chia show -sc | grep WALLET on both nodes, BOTH have one local connection, and 2 remote connections, but one GUI is showing 1 connection, and the other 5 :confounded:

Yeah, it is confusing what is using what, …

Although, the first distinction is that those various processes use two ports to communicate. One is the internal (e.g., harvester talking to farmer), the other is RPC.

Saying that, the wallet (if no UI), does not need any other component to connect to it. It only needs to connect to other processes (full nodes only) to get bc data. Saying that, the wallet doesn’t need any open ports. To add to this, with v1.3.3 (maybe with v1.3.0), the wallet started to use trusted connections (e.g., the local node, or what is specified in config.yaml). Although, it can only use such trusted connection that is ready to serve data. My understanding is that local node is not a good trusted connection as long as it doesn’t have v2 bc fully synced. Therefore, initially we see our wallets connecting to other full nodes, but later one settling down just on the local one.

However, when UI starts, either UI or daemon needs to talk to wallet to get the data that is displayed in UI. It looks like before v1.3.x, they used port 8449 to get this data, but potentially switched to port 9256 right now (to use RPC, and simplify the code).

I guess, this just adds to all those confusions. That output is basically wrong. Port 8444 indicates that the receiving end of this connection is the full node (the only process that opens that port). However, it wrongly implies that the wallet is also using port 8444 to connect to that node. Therefore, it is better to use netstat to check / verify what are the outbound ports for anything at play (will be some higher ports, and can be disregarded as outbound ports have no apparent value / meaning; the only thing important is that it will never be 8444 as outbound port, or any lower port for that matter).

That is most likely chia daemon connecting to wallet to get you that "-sc’ info.

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I didn’t find anything to back it up, but I wonder if part of the reason the current output is faking those port numbers is to maintain backwards compatibility with things that parse output from chia commands (if there are any).

From what I can see in netstat, the local wallet is connected to the node on port 8444, but the wallet is no longer listening on port 8449. That connection is long-running, so whatever is showing the “1” is probably seeing that. I don’t think that running chia show -sc adds anything to that count, but I could be wrong there.

FWIW, I restarted the node that was showing 5 connections. It came back showing 1 and has continued to show 1 ever since, even though it has the one local connection plus 2 wallet connections to the node port. Also, the node that showed 5 is only a node; there are no farmers or anything else on the local network connecting.

The GUI code to get that connection count is ultimately hitting the wallet RPC now, using this function.

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Yeah, I also don’t see 8449 port open on my box (v1.3.3). Looks like that was just v1 wallet that had some extra chat on that port.

Also as you stated, that also means that ‘chia show -sc’ is pinging the wallet on the RPC port 9256 (that I see is being open (also for exploits).

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Mine shows 5, always has done, and I only run one system with Chia.

It should really be 1 (if the code works as it supposed to). Maybe after the next node restart it will get there.

I’ve recently restarted mine, was 5 beforehand and 5 afterwards, and still is now.

They are clickable buttons, which do nothing

If I look at my full node connections I have around 10 wallet connections, and loads of full node connections.

Curious, what version of Chia is this with?

Also, is your bc v2?