Does anybody still farm chives?

Howdy mein little whoever you are.

'sup Andy68, are you still on?


Same to you, lolz!

Yes, I am still plotting and farming Chives.

The earnings are still a bit better than Chia, the exchange performance has been better than Chia, Chives has no pre-mine and no bank partners. I like it! :wink:

My liking it does not change the fact that it is a tiny coin with a tough road to travel.

I’m just glad to be using the resources I bought for Chia farming and keeping the hobby alive as well.


I just looked at their NFT game aspect and the Pets. Interesting. They are selling out every pet they put on the market. There are obviously many people playing their first game.

I had not understood this aspect of Chives (or Bram’s sorta poker game) until now. They plan ongoing expansion of their game (in which you can earn XCC if you have bought a Pet). They plan other games and others can host games on the blockchain as well.

I have already earned enough Chives to buy a Pet and I think I will do so. I’ll let you know if the game is any fun and if I earn enough XCC to repay me for the Pet purchase.

Now I have to figure out the timing of the next batch’s release, lolz! :crazy_face:

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I’m hosting a bit lower than 40Tb and have earned like 2k+ of XCC per month. Started to wonder if i really still up for it …

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I started re-plotting my 114TiB farm back on Oct-27 and is currently at 177TiB from the recent Best Buy HDD sale. Farmed 12.7k of XCC in 53 days. Excited much?..heck yeah. Hoping the HDD sales come back for X-mas/New Years to get the farm up to at least 250TiB with a goal of farming 100k XCC.


It’s like $70 monthly … ehh … meeh…

80TiB of Chives plots currently average a return of $70.49USD / month.

80TiB of Chia plots currently average a return of $62.92USD / month.

That is just over 10% better return on farming Chives over Chia.

I like the regular wins without any need for pooling. Chives is a blockchain where even small fish get to feed regularly.

With 80TiB of Chives my estimated time to win is one day. The same 80TiB of Chia plots gives me an estimated time to win of 3 months.

My Chives farm will be ~94TiB when fully plotted. I find it much more rewarding to win regularly than to be in a state of constant low anxiety waiting for the XCH lottery. As I’m still having fun, who knows, I may even buy my 4th array and 4 more 8TB HDDS and plot another ~31TiB. :crazy_face:


You must be crazy. There are 9266 crypto coins listed in Chia is just one of them. And chives is one of more than 50 copies of chia. What can you expect?

I can expect to continue enjoying my expensive farming hobby without the moral qualms I have with working for Chia Inc and the World Bank. :sunglasses:

Why should anybody stop farming Chives while it is more profitable than Chia?
If you don’t believe in the future of Chives as coin just sell it in exchange for a coin you believe in…

Financially plotting for Chia could make more sense now as there is a quite high chance that farming Chia will be more profitable than farming Chives in future.