Does anyone have a quick wallet syncing trick?

Node: fully synced
Wallet: fully synced
When adding an additional key, wallet syncing starts from 0 till 44X,XX0, this can take from a couple of hours up to half a day.
Does anyone have a faster trick on this?

You can copy the blockchain database.
Only recommended from your own previously synced source.

Chia will not publish the block chain database, because this centralizes the blockchain and is a big no-no in crypto.

Others may publish it, don’t trust them… they can poison the database.


Thanks for trying to answer the question, although you did not get the question.
Full node, fully synced
Wallet, fully synced

Adding a second key to “the same GUI, on the same exact machine”, the wallet with new key starts syncing from zero, takes hours or half a day.

I really need some answers… fingers-crossed.

A wallet sync is another database (separate from the blockchain data), it scans wallet interactions with the blockchain and stores them for fast lookups.

As mentioned a blockchain database can be copied from a trusted source, but the wallet database is unique to the wallet and really has to sync via the blockchain data (to prevent using a poisoned blockchain dataset).

I don’t see a way around this, of course I could be wrong… if anyone else has ideas around this please chime in.

Perhaps you can force it to scan the local blockchain database, but this may be insecure and the tools won’t be developed for this.

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I haven’t even tried to have multiple keys/wallets etc. What would be the need? Other than farming and or plotting for someone other than yourself. That said, there is no mention anywhere where blockchain for key set #2+ is stored. Is it part of the original DB file? Is it a separate DB file. If it is a separate DB file, just clone the original DB file and rename it to what the new one is named. If all of your keys/wallets sync to the same DB file, then, as mentioned, you are out of luck and have to let the download sync.