Does anyone offer sale of new hard drives & seller plots it for you?

I am wondering if anyone sells hard drives and offers to plot them and ship out a fresh new hard drive. All I see is people selling plots they own the keys to. I have tried buying plots online but that isn’t really worth it cause the speed of the downloads can be a bottleneck. And the last thing I want to do is send hard drives I bought to someone else to plot. At least if I bought a hard drive from them that they plotted then there’s an actual product purchased so I have some seller protection.

I am building a PiB farmer and that’s why I ask this question. Anyone know of anyone who offers this? Thanks.

I thought about this a few months ago to fill up HDDs with plots for the customer and ship. But it didn’t look like a good biz oppurtinity at that time. Nor now kinda …

Next, to reduce cost I was planning (as I use for my own) only refurbished HDDs

International shipping costs ain’t cheap as small biz or individual, free shipping is simply not possible… which makes it even less interesting …

As for buyer/seller protection … depends if paypal or credit card paid , yes as it is a tangible product then. But if paid in cryptocurrency not.

Yes, that’s why I wanted to buy a drive so there’s a trackable physical product. If anyone offers this service I would definitely do it for a decent price.

For the number of drives you’ll need to get to 1+ PiB, any premium you’d pay for pre-plotted drives would be better spent on a used server with enough RAM to use Bladebit. Or at least a desktop with 128GB so MadMax could keep 75% of the writes from your SSD.

But if you’re working on the lowest-power-possible harvesting setup, then I could understand wanting to avoid paying for any plotting hardware. I think that would be a mistake, but I’m not your mom :slight_smile:

@Magnicious We do offer the service you’re asking for and provide very interesting volume discounts if you buy in bulk.

Take a look at our website at ChiaPlanet - HDD Chia Plotting and feel free to get in touch to discuss details.

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