Does full node syncing require a good CPU performance?

I have a server with dual E5-2620V2@2.1GHz, I run a windows 10 in VMWare virtual machine as a farmer, now the problem is, my Chia full node can not be synced, it is syncing but always about 3 hours behind the peak height
VM is installed in a SSD, disk performance is good, network is good with 10G NIC, 10 peers connected
so I am thinking that may be the CPU low performance that causes this
does anyone know why? or I have to use a better CPU

Open Task Manager, and check CPU and Disk charts. Are those choking at 100%?

Most of crypto wallets need single-core performance

one of my core is at about 85%-90%, disk is free, 0%

Are you saying that you gave that Windows VM only one core, and it is stuck at 80-90? Or rather that the other code is running idle, while the other one (whichever is active at the moment) is struggling?

I have i5-8250U (low power CPU) with 4/8 cores. One is used a bit more, but I also see some activities on those other cores. It is a newer processor, so of course faster. Although, seeing that one core on mine running mostly at ~10%, and peaking at ~50-60%, maybe your processor is really too slow.

I gave it all my cores of cause, only one core is at 80-90, others is at 10-20, by the way, I can confirm it is not the CPU, it is my Chia client, I installed a new VM and install official newest client and it worked well, now I am trying to fix the problem

Actually, those processors are quite powerful. Still, maybe you could upgrade to e5-2630 v2, as it runs at 3.1 GHz (max), and on ebay is for about $10. E5-2637 v2 is only 4/8, but runs at 3.8 GHz (max).

If the problem is that Chia code is not multithreaded for that particular task, a higher clock rate would improve that single core performance. The high number of cores (maybe above 4 or so) is not really helping.

By the way, the processor you have should be able to boost to 2.6 GHz, giving you a bit more headroom. Are you sure that you are not thermally choking that CPU?

confirmed it is not the CPU, a new VM and official Chia client works well, trying to fix it

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