Does halving mean k32 is no good after?

hey farmers,

well, everthing in the topic. do you need to go with k33 at least to proceed after someday in june of 2024?


Negative. All rewards for K32 and above will just be lower per block. Plot size and filter size exist to future-proof Chia.

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okey, thank you. then when k32 is gonna become useless, this is going to happen right?

k32 will be phased out when we all have $100 256TB SSD’s :slight_smile:

I need qty 8 please…

I’ll have 16 please, might as well use all the bays.

he is joking, what with you guys, it’s not true!

… and yet i’m not imagining things do i, at some point k32 wont be quoted by blockchain

It’s closer than you think. :grin:

It seems like almost every comment you post is some FUD because you haven’t bothered to do something simple like read the latest blog post, or any blog post for the past 2 years, or looked at github activity, reddit activity, or any other forum message thats already discussed all of this…

So all I can think is you intentionally create these posts or are the laziest person in the world, I know the link below has links to other links and those links must be read too, but just to save everyone else who reads your posts time from your drama, the whole purpose of the plot filter reductions is to ensure you can continue to use K32 for the next decade plus to come without any worry over network security.

P.S. Maybe try reading and absorbing information for once instead of going right to conspiracy drama.

I know, but in 4, 5 6, or so years, who knows what we’ll have.

sheldon … sarcasm … :lizard: :grinning:

You should just ignore the trolls, man.