Does having an NVME ssd running OS speed up plotting?

I was wondering if it matters what kind of drive you have your OS running from for plotting. I’m running windows 10 and chia GUI on a Hyninx(sp?) SATA SSD but am using a Sandisk 1gb NVME to write the temp plotting files to then storing the final files on HDDs. Would plotting be faster with the OS on an NVME as well or is the rest of my hardware(processor, RAM) likely the limiting factor?
I haven’t noticed the NVME getting taxed very hard during plotting(peaks of about 1gb/s)

Not that I have seen. I normally do an OS install on a cheap 120 GB SSD and leave the NVME drives for temp storage.


Plotters generally no - unless you don’t have enough RAM and have a swapfile or swap partition on the same disk as the OS (common), but in that case not having enough RAM is the real problem.

Mainnodes/wallet/farmer/etc - possibly, they seem to do a fair amount of SQLite work, I run my mainnode & farmer OS from a 500GB NVME, that’s mostly because I want the farmer to come up as quick as possible if ever it has to be rebooted, plus every possible SATA/SAS spot on it is occupied :slight_smile:


@whoismoses That’s pretty much what I did🤘🏼

@aschen thanks for the confirmation Dude!