Does make difference HDD 16TB and 2 HDD 8TB

Hi, guys! My question is does it make difference if i put HDD16TB or 2 HDD each of them 8TB to my PC? Does it affect on farming or no difference?

2x8TB probably draws more power. And needs 2 USB/SATA/SAS connections instead of 1. If you have lots of drives that will matter.

Each drive will end up with some free space but not enough to put another plot on. That space is wasted, with 2 drives you’ll probbably waste more space that way.


you’ll get less plots overall once the 8TB adds up and power usage also adds up, but if you paid premium for the 16TB it won’t matter.

Personally I only care for the price/tb as power usage is (almost) negligible when farming, at least that’s the promise of Chia


Two controllers are better than one. If you bought an enterprise HDD no worries.

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You could raid0 the 2x8T for the first concern.

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no different, two only use more power and use up more usb port, but you got less chance loss when it breaks, i go which ever cost less per/TB

The more drives, the more chance of failure. It’s a lottery of sorts, just like winning the chia one. Single, big drives do not win this contest (failure is not good), given equal MTBF rates, of course.

i also mine eth and others
i think the difference between 1 or 2 drives is next to nothing really

one of my eth rigs uses 2k watts 100% of the time

so for me at least the power difference is negligible.

however the failure might be a point… allthough right now where i live smaller drives give lower $ per TB
if you can plot fast it might be cheaper getting 2 smaller drives

might be the only option to get smaller drive at moment, large drive cost too much and all on back order without ETA