Does plotting on different machines give the same plots?


I have a windows laptop which is currently plotting on a 12TB hard drive. However, I feel like the process is pretty slow and I would like to use a 2nd windows laptop to plot on another 5TB hard drive at the same time.

I have already logged into the 2nd laptop’s Chia blockchain app using the same mnemonics. I am wondering if I start plotting on the 2nd laptop, will it maybe redo the same plots as the first laptop ? like if they share the same seed or initial state ? (I am unfamiliar about how Chia makes its proof of space, but I guess they must use a seed somehow for the crypto behind to work).

Any insights would be appreciated, thanks !

The plots on each machine will be unique and since they use the same private key they will farm to the same wallet and you could even move plots between the two machines without any problem.

However, there are some issues with having two full nodes behind a single NAT that will cause syncing problems. I am not too clear on what the issues are since I have not done that, but you might want to look around the forum for a thread about it.

Thanks for the info. I don’t plan to run the farm on the 2 laptops. My plan was to finish plotting faster, then move the hard drives to the older laptop which I am not using anymore.

You should be fine then so long as you are using the command line to plot on one and only running the GUI on the other. I think.

The purpose of running the command line instead of the GUI for plotting is to avoid the sync issue you mentioned ? or is there any other reasons ?

Yes, just for the sync issue. You should look at some of the other threads around since I think there are other things you can to to prevent it, I just don’t know them.

But…if you are interested in optimizing your plot times you can also play with Swar plot manager to improve your rate of plotting with the command line

I used to plot on 3 maschines.
On each PC i have privat keys the same, but when I move plots to machine no 1 … shit hapens, becouse it doesn see my plots. So now I have over 100 TiB plots, but machine see only … 76 Tib …

Have you added the directories/drives that the moved plots are on using Add Plot Directory on the plots tab of the GUI?

It should work - I have moved dozens of plots between machines

No. I never had any directories on any drives. Reson is becouse my all 3 three PCs are dedicated to Chia. So each drive is one huge directory. I ll try your idea and i ll let know. Thanx for support edgore.

Thank you. To everyone who is in similiar situation.
So I did put " Add Plot Directory" from PLOTS. There were listed my hard drives. For some reasons PC ( Chia ) didnt recognaise 3 HDDs. So I didn create new directory. I just added whole disc partition ( HDD). If you doing similiar, be patient becouse system needed in my situation one minute to react.

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Only purpose was that GUI stucks. Was in reloading , and reloding progres. So I was not sure if my plots ( I had about 50 in que ( double - 25 /25 )) were correctly running.